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About David

Widely regarded as one of the country's foremost educators in Stone Age living skills, David is a frequent lecturer, author, and consultant on primitive technologies, edible/medicinal plants, and pre-Columbian culture. He served for 18 years as head instructor at the Boulder Outdoor Survival School and was education director of Anasazi, a wilderness program for teens. David has served as a consultant for products such as Cast Away, Survivorman, Man vs. Wild, Road Rules, and numerous others, and was most recently featured on No Man's Land, a History Channel production.


Primitive Skills Master Teacher

David has worked (and continues to with some organizations) with many of the wilderness survival programs in the country, including Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS), Rabbit Stick and Winter Count (bi-annual primitive skills training events), Reevis Mountain, California Survival School, Pollen Circles, and Preppercon. He teaches on Native paints, ground stone tools, water procurement, desert navigation, stone age options vs. modern, desert food collection and preparation, shelter-building, fire-making and so much more.


David is famous for his delicate arrowheads, beautiful stone pendants and bears and more recently paintings. David lovingly and mindfully works his craft and you know that whatever you might possess that David has created is imbued with his deeply spiritual love and respect for nature.


David has been guiding people into the wilderness for decades, teaching them how to live and even thrive in the only seemingly desolate land of the SouthWest. He has worked with many struggling teens and their families with the Anasazi Foundation, and Aspen Achievement Academy, led the foundational Passages To Recovery group (an adult wilderness recovery program), was a senior instructor with BOSS for many many years, and leads groups into Mexico's very rural Copper Canyon to experience the Tarahumara, a very reclusive culture.


If you are around David for any length of time you find him drumming or playing the piano, guitar or his lap dulcimer, singing songs both beautiful and sometimes funny and instructional - he has a great rap song called "Brush Your Teeth." On the home page listen to his beautiful song, "Just You Being You."

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