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Articles About David


Inventing Mr. Wilson

by Dave Petruska - Tucson Citizen - Jan 31, 2001


Ex-Tucsonan David Holladay led a survival outing six years ago that would spawn a key character in the film ‘Cast Away.' Read on...


National monument's oldest artifact goes on display


By Mark Havnes  - The Salt Lake Tribune  - Published April 5, 2006 12:54 am


BOULDER, UT - An intricately fashioned stone hunting point, created at a time when camels and mammoths roamed southern Utah, has been put on display in Boulder. Read on...


Going Native: Seeking the lifestyle of ancient hunters and gatherers brings a new generation of survivalists back to nature.


By Biana Dumas - Salt Lake City Weekly - June 11, 2007


A man named David Holladay once walked into the store wearing nothing but a buckskin miniskirt and a crown of cottonwood leaves. Read on.

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